Friday, August 7, 2009

Josh Ross invents his bespoke suit tour.

Josh Ross
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Josh will be "life streaming" about the design, creation and adventure product testing of his suit over the next year. He is a social media mogul willing to share ownership. He plans to, well, watch the video.

Bill Mitchell will tour the world in his bespoke suit

Bill Mitchell will ride his bike around the world on a 3-year tour. Will his bespoke suit endure the trip? You can't follow him on Twitter, browse photos of the tour on Flickr, or poke him Facebook. The tailor will have to update you with poetry from telepathic accounts and perhaps an occasional email. We will post an image of the suit and rain cape upon his departure with in the next few weeks.

Maurice of Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times

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Maurice Tierney, Publisher of Bicycle Times Magazine, choosing the fabric for his bespoke suit.

Gary Fisher Bespoke Suit

Gary Fisher in Oakland. His next bespoke bicycling suit will be cut from Guy Hills Lumatwill tweed. You can follow the progress for this suit here or follow B. Spoke Tailor on Twitter.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Molly McCoy in her bespoke suit

Molly rode the East Bay Tweed ride. Check their website for the next Bay Area ride. Thanks Colin!